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Emmanuel & Borelson

Emmanuel Jal w/ Twins for Peace | Hey Mama

Emmanuel Jal feat. Alicia Keys + more | We Want Peace

Emmanuel Jal | Shangah

Emmanuel Jal feat. Xavier Rudd | Be the Love

Borelson feat. Teebee, Eyeami & Dolo the Gifted | Fearless

Borelson | Ubuntu

Jalgua Peace Festival

is a Truth & Reconcili-action initiative presented by globally recognized peace activist, recording artist, actor, author and entrepreneur, Emmanuel Jal.  

In Naath (Jal's mother tongue), JALGUA means... "walk with power"... "walk in peace"...

said simply, jalgua means... "walk good". 

How do you jalgua daily?

click play.

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Untitled design - 2022-12-15T184406.407
Untitled design - 2022-12-15T184426.657

Emmanuel Jal and Lulu Lemon | Positive Thoughts


Connect with us to share more about your company values. Our consultants will work with your leadership team to co-construct sponsorship perks that add value to your organization's Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) policies, procedures, and practices. Comprehensive EID initiatives like the Jalgua Peace Festival is an impactful vehicle to propel your business forward; positioning you on the right side of history being written in this present moment.   

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